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Ellis Park Arts and Recreation Center located in Chicago’s South Side embodys a healthy, comfortable, and cultural environment. Arranged around a central lobby and oriented to respond to adjacent streets, multi-colored volumes containing the gymnasium, swimming pool, fitness room, club rooms and support spaces are located so that all functions are visible from a single control point, requiring less staff while promoting safety and security.The building’s design emphasizes openness and natural light. Interior spaces are visually connected both horizontally and vertically.  Large windows, arranged in a playful pattern, provide views that engage the users with the neighborhood.  A roof deck covered by a sculptural trellis provides both an outdoor gathering space with views of the park and a positive symbol for the community.

ElDante served as Project Architect for Nia Architects

Basketball Court
Exterior Ribbon Window
Basketball Court
Roof Deck
Roof Deck Entry
Pool Exterior
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